Elka uses organic extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar,
sustainably harvested wildcrafted fir needles from Mount Ashland in Oregon,
lavender flowers that she harvested at their peak of potency and dried herself,
and stinging nettles from the woodlands of Klamath Falls, Oregon. Any herbs and spices
that are not wildcrafted are all certified organic.

Fir Oil

Fir Oil is organic extra virgin olive oil infused with sustainably wildcrafted fir needles. The fir infuses the oil with a citrusy, piney-rosemary-like scent and flavor that tastes amazing with just about anything! I love it with any fresh fruits, especially melons, apples, pears, tomatoes, and peaches. It's also amazing with squashes, sweet potatoes and/or any potatoes, flatbreads, any meat or seafood but especially poultry, lamb and mild flavored fish like cod or halibut.

Nettle Fire Cider

The organic apple cider vinegar that this Fire Cider is made with has soaked in the mineral goodness of stinging nettles for over a year, along with a little honey, and lots of fresh horseradish, garlic, ginger, tumeric, cayenne, fir needles, fresh lemon, basil stems, and Love! Nettle Fire Cider is wonderful taken straight from the dropper as an immunity booster, added to salads, scrambled eggs, quinoa dishes, tacos, and much more!

Fir Salt

We make our Fir Salt with sea salt mined from ancient sea beds in Idaho and very finely chopped fresh fir needles. Its flavor and uses are exactly the same as the oil! I know, it might seem strange to sprinkle salt on fruit if you’ve never done it before, but I guarantee you’ll find it a striking effect, particularly in combination with the oil! Anyone who loves salty chocolate bars, you gotta try it sprinkled on your next batch of brownies— maybe mixed with a little goat cheese and honey!

Fir + Lavender Salt

We make our Fir Salt with sea salt mined from ancient sea beds in Idaho, very potent lavender I harvested and dried myself in July 2018, and very finely chopped fresh fir needles. Its flavor and uses are very similar to the oil and the Fir Salt, although it is obviously more floral. I would also say the lavender addition makes it especially stunning to use with anything involving lemons, honey, cinnamon, goat cheese, or any mild cheeses, yogurt, ghee, coconut milk, or white rice. Also very wonderful with chocolate, possibly even better than the straight Fir Salt.

Elka's Clothes

Find out more about my fun story-laden clothes collection :)

Music/Cooking Lessons

James can teach you the basics of playing just about any instrument, give coaching on improving one's natural sense of rhythm, ear training, song composition, and much more.

Elka can teach you how to use what's already in your fridge and pantry to make something truly creative and delicious! She can also teach you how to bake croissants, bagels, sourdough breads, skillet breads, gluten free breads, pies, cakes and vegan and paleo versions of some of your favorite baked goods. She has a wide range of knowledge of food preservation skills— canning, drying, and preserving with salt, vinegar and oil. She can show you how to use the prickly pears in your yard, dried and fresh chile peppers, the elderberries and acorns in the mountains and the herbs in your garden. Want to know how to make herbal salts, oils, pastes and pestos? Jams, jellies and syrups? Hot sauce? Fantastic Indian, Asian, Mexican, or Mediterranean dishes? Homemade pasta and gnocchi? Or very simple, satisfying meals that don't take forever to cook? Elka can show you how, and we can just about guarantee you'll have lots of fun learning! Any dietary needs and preferences you may have are not a problem.

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