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Elka's Clothes

I've always wished to find clothes for sale that had already been worn, in which the people who wore them could tell you the honest truth about them-- what might be a little uncomfortable or tight, what they work well with and for, etc. etc! And personally, I really love acquiring things that have a story, that have so much meaning to the person that's selling them that it's a little painful to actually let them go. Clothes like this are worth so much more than the price they wear, because they have been given the gift of soul.

Every single thing I'm selling has a little piece of me in it, and sometimes a little bit of someone else I love who passed it along to me. It has been loved and cherished, sometimes mended. But sometimes it's time to let things go, no matter how much you love them, so they can become part of someone else's soul, someone else's story.

To me, the more we live this way-- infuse the things we wear with meaning and love, the more our own personal stories become more like faery tales. Every day has the potential to be as beautiful as a wedding, as full of meaning as a challenging rite of passage-- a journey to realms beyond our bubbles of comfort and security. These clothes have seen me through many years of both living off grid in a wilderness canyon and forging a new life for myself back in civilization. They are infused with the medicine of the wild and the stubbornness of a woman who insists on a life of wildness where ever she goes.


Satin print dress, zips in the back

This is such a beautiful dress, great for fancy occasions or a nice dinner at home on on the town! for someone a little smaller in the chest and waist than I am currently! When I was 28-29” waist and 36” bust it was slightly snug, but mostly in the chest, it still de-emphasized my belly. (Now, as you can see, not so much:) So if these are your measurements you will look lovely in it! If you're a little smaller than that it will be not just stunning, but comfy too!


Free People summer dress, 100% cotton

This dress is super comfy and very flattering to someone my size, or even a little bigger or smaller. Though if your waist is smaller you will need to have a larger bust size for it to work, as it is a tiny bit roomy in the chest for me. It's been worn a lot and I really hate to see it go, but I trust it will suit someone else for its last stretch of life even better than it suits me!


Embroidered Flower Child Summer Dress, 100% cotton

This dress has spent so many beloved days tending fires in the canyon with me, leading sister song circles, feeding folks in my canyon kitchen! I love it so much I really hate to see it go! It's well worn, but ready for at least a few more years of fun in the sun!


Purple butterfly top

This top is so much fun to wear, even though it likes to fall off my shoulders. Maybe someone with bigger shoulders than I have would have less trouble with this little problem! It looks newer in the picture than it does in real life, but it still gets compliments just about every time I wear it!


White baby doll dress

This dress is so flattering and so versatile. I'd never sell it if I didn't live in a van. It works with leggings, jeans, a long skirt, or just on its own. It works well for anyone like me with a belly, as it's tighest just under the breasts. You don't even have to wear a bra with it if your chest is not very big, as it's lined. It has a very small stain on it that you can only notice very close up. It has a nice sexy back too, which looks even better if you wear it without a bra.

The skirt is not for sale. It might look nice in the picture but in real life it's one of those that I should put in the trash, I just love it to much to do that quite yet. I'm waiting to find some sweet lady or trans friend to gift it to, who doesn't mind that it's totally falling apart. It was my friend Jessica's, who looked like a total goddess in it. Although Jessica would also look like a goddess in a burlap sack, no lie.


Comfy cotton spandex bra top and baby doll fancy skirt

I would sell these pieces together at a discount, or separately, you pick.

The bra top is in really great shape, almost new looking. The skirt has been on some hikes in the canyon it really should have stayed home on but still looks lovely and is so fun to wear! And unlike many short skirts that are something like this, it's flattering to someone with a little belly! And super comfy too! The skirt was bought at a fancy store in Santa Fe.

Bra top $20

Baby doll skirt $35

Or you can get both items for $45

Witchy woman top and rayon short skirt

When I put on the witchy woman top for this photo I actually wasn't planning to sell it, as I'm super attached to it, you can see why! Plus it used to belong to my former partner Kiva so it's extra special to me. But if someone out there appreciates the witches in the woods medicine it's accumulated enough to pay the price I'm asking, ok, then you can have it!

The skirt is super comfy, a little too big on me in the waist but I have loved it very much anyway! It has been along a lot of mountain adventures in Oregon and is a great skirt to ride a bike in! In spite of all its travels it is in amazing shape. Another thing to love about it-- it never looks dirty and seems virtually indestructible. It's from a fancy store in Ashland, OR called Red's Threads.

Witchy woman top $80

rayon short skirt $20

Biker mama top and bell bottom lace pants

The biker mama top is 100% leather, super comfy (for leather, that is :)) and incredibly flattering for someone my size, or a little smaller or bigger, too. It looks amazing with jeans, a short skirt, or really anything at all if you have a similar body type to mine. I've only worn it a handful of times because I always feel a little out of character in it, but that's really the fun of it! I'm putting a high price on it because it would be a great one to perform in, and I haven't done this yet. But maybe it's for you, and I will find something else that suits me even better!

Biker mama top $80

Bell bottom lace pants not for sale, sorry!

White boho top and Blue Nomad bamboo leggings

This top is super dreamy and is another thing that looks great with just about anything. I love that I can cook in it without getting stuff all over my sleeves! It has survived the making of many fantstic meals!

The leggings are awesome too, but would fit someone a little bigger than me a bit better. On me they are perpetually falling down. They are Nomad bamboo leggings and are in really good shape. They have cool little pockets on both legs.

White boho top $20

Nomad leggings $40

Little Black Dress (rayon)

Perfect for a hot date at home or on the town, dancing, shopping in Paris, and staying cool just about anywhere! Flattering for women of many sizes! It's a tiny bit snug on the ribcage but no more so than most bras, but the way it falls makes me not even care. I think it's rayon but I'm not sure, it could be bamboo cotton. The tag is missing because tags so often bug me. Whatever it's made of, it's ultra soft and durable, and it swings nicely when you walk and dance. And the back is so pretty!


Free People lounge dress or beach cover up

lightweight, gauzy 100% cotton

This is low priced because it has been worn a fair amount and is dingy at the hemline. But it's still gorgeous enough to gather compliments every time I wear it!


Canyon Lady Dress

You know that old Joni Mitchell song, Ladies of the Canyon? Wear this one and you will feel like one of those canyon ladies, making brownies, herding babies, drinking in sunsets by an outdoor fire. And believe me, this dress has seen plenty of real life canyon lady action. Thankfully Kiva and I wore aprons over it anytime we were skinning elk, making red chile sauce, or herding wayward cattle in it. It's a teensy bit snug in chest on me, but it comes down to a few inches above my ankles, so ideally it's for someone with a more petite build, but at least 5' 5” tall. The fabric on this dress is a little worn but you can only tell up close.


Little Black Dress #2

Wear this dress, and you just might be able to sell someone an empty bottle of wine! :) Ideally it should be for someone with a ribcage that measures a little less than mine, which is 32 or 33”, depending on how tight I hold the tape. Cause it's a teensy bit snug on me under the breasts, but so pretty I hardly even care!


Ashland Brown Outfit

A bunch of fun items I acquired in Ashland. The skirt is in good shape, the shirt and the scarf are pretty worn but still look great.

All three items $25

Potluck Princess Outfit

A great-fitting blank tank top, gauzy cotton broomstick skirt, and one of my favorite handmade cross-stiched aprons ever. I don't think I can part with the sleeves, unless you made me an offer I can't refuse.

Top, apron, and skirt $50

Angora Wool Cape

This angora wool cape is really special to me, for a bunch of reasons. Having to do with the Lord of the Rings, and the day I got it being one of the most memorable days of my recent life. And it's the perfect thing to take on a journey, when you want to take a blanket but don't really have room. And I love capes with built in scarves!


Sparkly Shawl

So pretty! I love how it looks with the baby doll skirt! It kept me cozy on many a star studded canyon night.


Lace top

This top shows a lot of cleavage when I bend down to pick something up so it's not one I like to wear around the relatives. It's really flattering, and i love it with this skirt!


Black tank top and Gauzy cotton skirt

Here's the black tank top and the gauzy skirt, without the apron. So here's an option for these items for you non apron wearing ladies.

Outfit-- both items (without the sleeves) $25

Outfit (top and skirt) with vest $50

Just the vest $30

Black top and Brown Nomad skirt

These items have been worn a lot, but look how fantastic they are! If you really want the stockings I will throw them in as well, but they're not in as good shape as they appear to be :).


Print tapestry cloth

This tapesty cloth is stretchy polyester but it's super soft and kinda huggable, even though I don't usually want to hug polyester. I think there's some spandex in it, cause it stretches. It makes a lovely backdrop for booths or celebrations/what-have you and has seen a lot of interesting things happen in its days at our communal household in Ashland. If this makes it seem more appealing rather than less so, maybe you want it?

It's also a fun cover up or sensual thing to wrap around yourself when you get out of bed naked and there's someone you don't know very well in the kitchen.


Little Black Dress #3

This is my extra fancy little black dress. But it's one of those that you could wear to a formal ball with stocking and gloves or just to entertain at home as I'm wearing it here. It's slightly roomy in the chest on me so could also fit someone a little larger. It says “professional spot clean only” but I've spot cleaned it with mild soap and cold water and it still looks great, almost new looking.

Red Velvet Dress

This dress is another classic. It manages to look unique, sophisticated, and sexy while being super cozy-- something you could lounge around in the house in while hoping for the arrival of a special someone, yet not being too disappointed if they never showed up – because you were having so much fun sipping tea and daydreaming over cookbooks!

There's a little imperfection in the fabric that's invisible at a distance, on the “V” part of the front, fyi.


Hand Dyed Summer Outift

Flower Child Earrings, Boho bracelet, plant print silk scarf, hand dyed camisole, Gunne Sax petticoat skirt

The earrings are lightweight, delicate looking but pretty durable, maybe made of some shell? (I think) with pretty flowers printed on them. The bracelet is one of those wire beaded ones. The scarf is hand dyed pure silk with actual plants. The camisole is stretchy poly fabric, pre shrunk (by mistake :)) and the skirt is really comfy in the waist and looks amazing as an under or over skirt in many outfits! Super fun stuff! If you don't want the whole outfit, email me or message me and we can talk!


Canyon Lady Poncho

This is a one of a kind poncho, super sentimental to me, made of really nice wool.


Silk Sarong

Hand dyed silk made by a silk artist. Can be used as a dramatic backdrop for a booth, or worn in a multitude of ways, here's just a few!


Little Black Dress/Skirt

This is a really fun summer item, flouncy 100% cotton. Works great as a beach cover up, for summer time shopping, etc. Also lovely as a skirt. I've worn it bike riding, chasing cows in the canyon, and cooking up a storm! It's super durable, and is still in good shape.


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