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Joshua Tree Food Delivery - Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine. Vegan, Vegetarian & Paleo All Available.

Mediterranean inspired cuisine

Hello! We are Elka Wilder and James Eric, new to Joshua Tree and
very inspired to begin our journey with the community here by offering
a brand new meal service featuring foods inspired by the cuisine of
the Mediterranean and the US Southwest.

I lived off grid in a river canyon in New Mexico for 23 years and learned a lot about cooking my favorite foods and preserving them with mostly very low tech methods. I cooked mostly on a wood stove all those years, canned thousands of jars of preserves, harvested huge amounts of wild greens, baked well over 7000 loaves of bread, and existed without a refrigerator for most of that time.

I'm excited to share dishes at Joshua Tree Food featuring lots of fresh greens, zucchinis and eggplants, peppers, lemons, and olives! I love using lots of fresh herbs, especially basil and rosemary, and I also use dried stinging nettles to make my famous (well, in some circles :)) Nettle Pesto!

I love making vibrant, vegetable-laden foods that satisfy our desire for flavor and texture diversity, are healthy, and fun to create! I love baking sourdough flatbreads, and if there are gluten free clients that sign up I am happy to accommodate with delicious alternatives. If there are vegan, meat loving, or dairy free clients, I am also happy to tailor meals to your needs.

Please visit our menu for more details, and feel free to leave suggestions if you would like to see any of your own favorite foods featured. If you sign up as a customer at Joshua Tree Food, I will see.what I can do!

September 23, 2018

Prickly Pear Cooking & Tasting Workshop!

Do you want to know how to use the ripe prickly pear fruits that are all over our desert home?
Come to this fun two hour workshop on Sunday September 23rd and learn hands-on skills for turning this beautiful fruit into tasty gourmet treats!

Together, we'll harvest, process, prepare, and sample a number of delicious foods at Carrie Yeager's beautiful B&B, The Desert Lily, 8523 Star Lane, in Joshua Tree.

RSVP Here!

  • ~ Prickly Pear “Tuna” Sushi Rolls ~
  • ~ Rosemary Cinnamon Prickly Pear Syrup ~
  • ~ Prickly Pear Sorbet or Granita ~
  • ~ Poached Plums and Peaches with Prickly Pear Syrup ~
  • ~Sparkling Prickly Pear Herbal Soda~

$20 - $30 donation

Bring garden gloves, a small, sharp knife, and a pair of tongs if you happen to have them.

Thank you for RSVP'ing. This will help us make sure we have the right amount of materials for the class. Please arrive promptly at 11 am!

Elka Wilder and James Eric, hosts